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BBC Very Exciting, Very British

Everyone’s aflame the last week or two over MTV’s remake of British show Skins (not, admittedly from the BBC).  This is insane to discuss, and shows how easily swayed we all are by marketing. WHO CARES?

Instead, let’s talk about something MUCH more interesting airing on the BBC this weekend, officially described as “Three men in a boat go in search of whales.” I know this sounds heart-stoppingly boring, but wait! What if I told you that two of those men were former members of Pulp, guitarist Richard Hawley and singer/songwriter/lifestyle icon Jarvis Cocker? And what if I further told you that instead of a Deadliest Whaler-type deal, this was in fact a recording of Jarvis Cocker and friends sitting in a boat off the coast of Ireland for a few hours, “contemplating life, the universe, and the finer points of sea travel”? If you’re anything like me, you’ve creamed your cardigan in excitement.

“In Search of the Holy Whale” will air on the BBC this Saturday 1/22, and will be available online afterward.

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Jarvis Cocker
Richard Hawley

+2 for awesome headline.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/rmarshall/episode_4_han_solo_and_chewbacca_1jpg.jpg rmarshall

Jarvis Cocker is my lifestyle guru.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/exiteverything/1515e181e4ebd0c3e001f3adba736deejpeg.jpeg Hilary Beck

Whatever! Jarvis could recite binary codes for a whole day and I would still listen.


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