BBC Debuts “3D Radio,” Date of Announcement Suspicious

    April Fools Day. In a post today, comedy blog Splitsider calls it what it is: amateur hour. Every blog, TV show, and jerk at your office suddenly feels obligated to make some kind of dumb practical joke. While Google usually has a funny one (or two), Tom in accounting usually does not. It is our fate, as April fools, to suffer them all, in good-natured silence.


    The BBC, as usual, rides to the rescue, putting their own elegant touch on a douchey American tradition. In a long piece today, BBC Radio announces that they have long been working with King Crimson’s Robert Fripp and producer Simon Heyworth (“Tubular Bells”), both interviewed in the actual news story, on broadcasting in “3D radio.” The process, which involves broadcast sound to two sides of your head (also called “stereo”), is described in great, lengthy, deadpan detail.


    You might even believe it was true (could be, right?) until near the very end, where they advise listeners that any slight hiss they may hear in 3D radio can be counteracted by “holding your hand vertically in front of your face and swaying your head back and forth.” They say this is a crucial and enjoyable part of the 3D radio experience, and urge all of their listeners to give it a try. Sure thing, guys.


    Experience it for yourself at the BBC.