BBC 6 Music Gains Huge Increase In Listeners

    All the troubles facing BBC 6 Music, the influential indie oriented radio station that is facing closure, just got a little brighter. Despite the impending shuttering of the service, 6 Music just recorded the biggest year-on-year increase in listenership across any of the BBC’s stations.


    Some folks may wonder where all these listeners were when 6 Music really needed them, others may think the BBC is going to end up with egg on its face if it closes a station that is rising in popularity. But the decision isn’t set in stone yet—at present it has only been “earmarked” for closure at the end of 2011.


    The Asian Network is another BBC station facing closure, and it also significantly increased its listenership, which shows what a strong grassroots campaign can do. Now, those listeners just need to stick around for both stations and make this decision even harder for the BBC to take.


    [via Spinner]