‘Baywatch’ Movie Finds A Director In ‘Reno: 911!’ Creator Robert Ben Garant

    When Baywatch debuted in 1989, it was supposed to be a serious show about what life was like for young and sexy Los Angeles County Lifeguards. Since then, it’s become a pop-culture joke. The frequent slow-motion shots of beautiful people running on the beach in swimsuits certainly didn’t help audiences take it seriously. 

    It’s no surprise then that it’s joining other TV-to-film adaptations like The Brady Bunch and 21 Jump Street that skewer the ridiculousness of the original program. The latest word from /Film is that one of the co-creators of Reno:911!, Robert Ben Garant, will lend some wackiness to a premise that surely deserves it. 

    Ben Garant first broke into show business as a member of the ’90s cult sketch comedy show The State, and he’s kept busy behind the scenes writing movies such as Herbie: Fully Loaded and Night at the Museum.

    With a director on board, the only problem now appears to be finding out how to give David Hasselhoff the cameo he’s clearly going to be looking for. He’s probably still disappointed that he didn’t make it onto the 2008 Knight Rider TV series.