Bat For Lashes and Toy Team Up for “The Bride” Single

    The British singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Bat For Lashes, is no stranger to American audience, but the London band, Toy, is probably more of a news to the folks on this side of the Atlantic. After hearing the incredible remake of the Iranian song “Aroos Khanom” by Amir Rassaie, perhaps, people will open up their ears for more Toy. Thanks to the English psychedelic pop outfit and producer Dan Carey, Natasha Khan’s vocals coruscate with passion. Curiously, the joint effort has forged a sound of fervent urgency that is atypical to both parties.

    “The Bride” will be released on limited edition 7″ on July 1 via Carey’s label, Speedy Wunderground, with a dub version of the track, “Here Comes Dub Bride” as the B-side. Only 250 copies will be pressed.