Bassist Owen Biddle Leaves The Roots

    Bassist Owen Biddle has officially left the Roots after spending four years with the band following the departure of longtime member Leonard “Hub” Hubbard Jr. in 2007. According to, Biddle wants to focus on his pursuits with Mister Barrington, a New York-based band that blends electronic, jazz, and funk. As someone who’s seen him several times with the Roots, it kind of sucks to see him go. He definitely has the chops to keep up with the rest of the band and, more importantly, he knows how to solo on the bass without causing everyone in the audience to fall asleep.

    The good news, though, is that Biddle has already been replaced. The Roots have called on Houston’s Mark Kelley, who has performed with the Berklee College of Music’s All Star Quartet and Meshell Ndegeocello. He take overs for Biddle immediately and will practice with the Roots this coming Monday when Late Night With Jimmy Fallon returns.

    In case you want to check out Kelley’s skills on the bass, watch him cover Prince’s “Lady Cab Driver” below with Ndegeocello.