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Basement Jaxx Turns Orchestral Collaboration Into Album

This past February, Felix Burton and Simon Ratcliffe, better known to the partygoing masses as U.K. dance duo Basement Jaxx, tempered their hi-energy hijinks for a moment and joined forces with Dutch orchestra Metropole Orkest and a 20-member choir to reinterpret a stack of Jaxx tracks. 


The resulting effort, which is a compilation of both live and studio recordings, is the aptly titled 18-track opus Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest, which will be released July 11 through Burton and Ratcliffe's own Atlantic Jaxx imprint. Just hearing the redo of "Red Alert" from Basement Jaxx's 1999 debut, Remedy, has us plenty anxious to hear the rest (as well as the duo's upcoming score for the sci-fi/action/comedy flick, Attack the Block).


According to Pitchfork, Basement Jaxx and Metropole Orkest will celebrate the release of their collaboration with two shows in London on July 14-15. Check out three streaming tracks from the album, including "Red Alert," below. 


Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest track listing: 


01. Battlement Jaxx

02. Red Alert

03. Raindrops

04. Mozart's Tea Party

05. Bingo Bango

06. Hush Boy

07. Where's Your Head At

08. Good Luck

09. Drill Loops

10. Lights Go Down

11. Violin Solo

12. If I Ever Recover

13. Hey U

14. Do Your Thing

15. Samba Magic

16. Lights Go Down (Instrumental) *

17. Do Your Thing (Instrumental) *

18. If I Ever Recover (Instrumental) *


* iTunes special edition bonus track




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