Barack Obama deflects Mac, hearts Wilco 4-ever

    Barack Obama is finding that when it comes to celebrities, sometimes more supporters equal more problems. Not only did the Democratic presidential candidate have to deal with some potentially incendiary comments from comedian Bernie Mac, he spent valuable time assuaging Jeff Tweedy’s ego about Wilco not having a place on the presumptive first iPod. Obama issued the following statement at a benefit Tweedy played in Chicago over the weekend: “Before these guys go, I want them to know that I had heard a rumor that they had suggested that I had nothing by them on my iPod. That is not true. I love Wilco.” The candidate did not state whether he was talking about the original, alt-country Wilco of A.M. and Being There or the art house indie rock of A Ghost is Born and Sky Blue Sky. Given his supposed problems relating to “working class” Americans, he’d better ask Tweedy to play “Passenger Side” or “Someone Else’s Song” to show that he’s just as red, white, and blue as a post-modern dissection of country and western music. [The Daily Swarm]