Banksy Gives Band a Painting Worth Over $300,000


    How much is a band name worth? According to street artists Banksy, around £200,000, or approx $303,480 in U.S. dollars. Banksy has a film out titled Exit Through the Gift Shop, which documents how a French filmmaker tried to make a film about him, until Banksy turned the cameras back on the man who was trying to shoot the movie.


    If that sounds like an intriguing premise for a film, there was one major aspect that caused drummer Simon Duncan to turn pale—Duncan has a band named Exit Through the Gift Shop, whose moniker was suddenly about to be eclipsed by Banksy’s movie. The drummer exchanged emails with Banksy about the name scuffle, and ultimately agreed to change the band to “Brace Yourself.”


    “We had these hilarious emails from someone saying he was Banksy, but we didn’t know if they were genuine,” said Duncan. “Then a scruffy white van arrived. The driver had no idea what he was carrying.” What he was carrying was a gift from Banksy, of a painting worth £200,000, which has been evaluated by Sotherby’s and will now be used as a backdrop for Brace Yourself’s live shows. Anyone want to form a band with me named Mona Lisa?


    [via The Guardian]