Band Of Horses To Begin Working On New Album

    It appears that Band of Horses are looking to craft what will be their fourth album and latest since last year’s middling Infinite Arms. Pitchfork points to an interview between Apes on Tape and guitarist Tyler Ramsey. He revealed that the group will start working on the new record once they’re done with their current tour obligations. Ramsey, for example, has some gigs lined up next month to promote his recently released solo debut, Valley Wind, which dropped yesterday.

    You can read the snippet of the interview regarding the new Band of Horses album below.

    And after the tour are you trying to finish those demos or record again?

    When this tour ends, I’ve got a solo tour the first week of October. And it goes all throughout October. Then we meet up at the end of October for a show in New Orleans. And then we’re supposed to go to Australia.


    (Laughs) Yeah. But then we’re definitely going to get back into the studio.

    Are you shooting for an EP or full-on? 

    It’s full on for the next record. We’re really trying to get it solidified and get it done.