Bamboozle Festival Proves Unprofitable At Asbury Park And Will Not Return

    After six years at the Meadowlands Sports Center, New Jersey’s biggest music festival, The Bamboozle, returned to the place of it’s inception in 2012, Asbury Park. Unfortunately for concert goers who welcomed the festival’s return to its original stomping grounds, The Bamboozle will not be returning.

    According to City Manager Terrence Reidy of Asbury Park, the festival did not meet the promoter’s expectations. “Live Nation has informed us that at least for Bamboozle – because of the economics of doing it in Asbury Park and where the city is and where they are – it won’t work here,” he told the Asbury Park Press. A spokesperson for Live Nation says the festival will not be cancelled, but relocated.

    Surely many will blame Live Nation as this was the first year in which festival founder John D’Esposito was not involved. Instead of the two main-stage set-up the concert had long been known for, one main-stage was utilized with bands like Bon Jovi, The Foo Fighters and Incubus, appealing to a mostly mainstream radio-friendly demographic rather than favoring the underground emo and punk scenes as it had before. [Asbury Park Press]