Black Francis makes like Dylan

    Black Francis is a genius; like a certain folk singer from Hibbing, he might exhibit some it in toying with the press. Case in point is a series of recent interviews, where Francis gives two wildly different quotes on the future of the Pixies. NME reported that a new Pixies album won’t happen because of bassist Kim Deal: While I may have tried to convince her otherwise, maybe she’s got a point… She doesn’t need a new Pixies record, so maybe there doesn’t need to be one.” This could be taken as yet another volley in the long war of words that accompanied the band’s breakup, but in today’s Santa Barbara News Press, Francis says this: “I had the mild epiphnay that I couldn’t give anyone the full coitus of the Pixies. It’s an inactive project. There’s nothing vital about it.” While the basic gist of both messages equals no new Pixies, this is just another layer to one of the most complex / beloved / reviled figures in the alt music scene.