Balam Acab Reveals First-Ever Live Dates

    Even though 20-year-old producer Alec Koone has several projects under his belt as Balam Acab — including the recently released and very good Wander / Wonder album — he’s never actually played out before. That all changes next month, though. He has announced his first-ever tour with the promise to bring the sounds of Wander / Wonder to life in a live setting. He’ll receive some help on the jaunt from a vocalist, who will provide the ethereal, breathy vocals while Koone mans the electronics. 

    He issued the following statement about touring for the first time:

    “I think of the live set as “Balam Acab in real life”. Everything is more tangible and human. Instead of the vocals being buried in the mix and drenched in reverb and effects, they take on a more central role. Also, since they’re being sung by a human being, the quality of the vocals are obviously more human because there isn’t that peculiar chipmunk effect that goes along with shifting sampled vocals up in pitch.

    The music is more focused on producing around the centralized vocals. Instead of all sound elements going on at once, details are highlighted more clearly and individually. Almost all of the songs have been re-vamped at least slightly (some not so slightly at all) in order to keep things fresh and interesting for the listeners and for myself personally.”  

    Sounds good to us. You can view the tour dates below.

    • 11.04 Harrisburg, PA: Salem Church
    • 11.05 Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University
    • 11.11 Chicago, IL: Empty Bottle
    • 11.12 Columbus, OH: The Summit
    • 11.15 Philadelphia, PA: Johnny Brenda’s
    • 11.17 New York, NY: LPR
    • 11.18 Washington, DC: Secret Location
    • 12.10 Miami, FL: Bardot
    • 12.15 Phoenix, AZ: Crescent Ballroom
    • 12.16 Los Angeles, CA: Echoplex
    • 12.17 San Francisco, CA: Public Works