Badly Drawn Boy Apologizes For Outburst In Los Angeles


    The current Badly Drawn Boy tour across America hasn’t been a happy one, and things reached an uneasy climax at the second of his two shows at the Troubadour in Los Angeles last week. You can see some of Damon Gough’s meltdown in the clip above, which ultimately led to him storming out and claiming he “might be back,” only for him to return 20 minutes later to play a few more songs and say: “Why tour America when nobody’s buying the record?”


    Gough has now apologized for the incident. “I can start by saying that there is no-one more upset by this situation than myself,” Gough said. “After a successful three-week tour, this should have been the crowning send-off, but will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. As an artist you only want to do the job to the best of your ability… when that is compromised there is a tendency to get frustrated.”


    You can read Gough’s full statement to the NME about his problematic performance here, which he mostly puts down to technical gremlins on stage. But there were signs that Gough was unhappy earlier in the tour—check this BrooklynVegan report of a prickly New York performance that gave an early indication that all was not well in the Badly Drawn Boy camp long before he showed up at the Troubadour.