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Backstreet Is Back, Which Should Make Us All Think Of Deeper Things


There will be no Backstreet hatred found here. Taking a look at Nick Carter and his bandmates in this video shows that there is a significant amount of pathos to be found in the retread of a boy band. While the members of N'Sync have found some level of success, Backstreet is, forever, Backstreet. They have nowhere else to go. It's fitting that the band is touring around Japan in the video for "Bigger." Odds are they might not realize it, but the closest analogue to their return is Bill Murray's character in Lost in Translation. They might genuinely want to make music, but  they're probably trying not to think that this kind of pop music is all they'll ever have the opportunity to make. It would be easy to make a snarky joke about the band, but their fate should be sobering. While we are allowed to evolve, it will always be the Nineties for them. [Idolator]

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Backstreet Boys

I am not sure if I entirely agree with your statement, but I respect it, none the less. Their sound, to me, has evolved. Its still very "backstreet". Ive been a fan since I was sixteen, and I can hear the changes in their music. I think its something only a long time Backstreet Boys fan can see and understand. BSB fans have their own little community. We can hear the differences in their music, no matter how subtle. I think this video was awesome and I love their new album, This Is Us.

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I agree that only a fan can hear the difference so clearly you are not and that cool we all have our favs but the new album is so different that i think everybody is gonna be so surprised! my boys rock and always will


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