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Baby from <i>Nevermind</i> cover is now 17

Sure, it's hard to face the facts that you are now sixteen years older than you were when Nirvana's Nevermind album was released. But don't you think it's worse to be seventeen-year-old Spencer Elden (pictured), who has to live with the fact that his penis was prominently featured on one of the most famous album covers of all time? Think about it - if you're a teenager and you're experimenting with sex, you don't want potential partners to get a preview of your bits 'n pieces. Especially in their most shrivelled state. My heart goes out to you Spencer. But at least you got a dollar out of the deal.
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how'd that dude get on the cover? just enterprising parents or friends of the band?

bobby d.

I wonder how much money he or his folks got for that album cover? It's probably one of the most famous covers in the history of music.

Dave Park

put your hat on straight, young man! and get a haircut!


That would be a cool if the picture was taken from a book of naked babies swimming after different denominations of money. Maybe the Indian version of Nevermind had a naked baby swimming after a rupee.

Etan Rosenbloom

wait a second... Nevermind came out that long ago? i just did the math. i'm not so young anymore.

Dave Park

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Dave - Spencer's parents were paid $200 for the photograph.. Bobby - Elden's father was friends with Kirk Weddle, photographer for Nirvana. They were offered that just to let Kirk take a roll of film underwater of Spencer.


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