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Aziz Ansari and Dave Sitek Team Up For RAAAAAAAANDY Mixtape

If you've seen Funny People, you know Aziz Ansari's Raaaaaaaandy is by far the funniest part of that movie. Apparently Aziz isn't ready to give the character up: He and Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio are getting ready to release a hip-hop mixtape that will "bust a nut on your pillow" in February, 2010. So buckle up, mother fuckers, because here's all you need to know about the mixtape:


"All your punkass needs to know right now is: 1. Y'all ain't ready. 2. Motherfuckers need to know. 3. Get yo' shit."

If this thing is half as funny as the poster/announcement, this will be the best. [Pitchfork]

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Aziz Ansari
TV on the Radio

Ahahaha, I can't wait.

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Raaaaaandy is hilarious.

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