Azealia Banks Roars Back With Fierce New Track “Chi Chi”

    The song finds the controversial rapper at her explosive best.

    Azealia Banks has just released a new song through her new record label Global Records. Entitled “Chi Chi,” the song is a dank, minimalist statement of intent from one music’s most polarizing artists.

    She once again shows her love for old-school house music, utilizing a deep bass groove, retro hip-hop synth lines, and expertly placed programmed drum beats. But as is usually the case, it’s Banks who takes this one onto another level. She rides the beat in her trademark deadpan style, frantically spitting words like her life depended on it.

    Lines like “I do not have time to entertain lames, won’t say no names ’cause I won’t give you fames” prove that she can still diss with the best of them. At just over two-and-a-half minutes long, Banks achieves more than most rappers can muster up at twice the length.

    The track premiered on the performer’s secondary website Cheapy XO, normally used for the sale of her custom-made soaps. It comes a year after the standalone single “The Big Beat” – a track which divided opinion among critics, but was generally well-received by the hip-hop artist’s fan base.

    Banks has hit the news in recent time for her controversial views and politically incorrect statements, as well as receiving criticism for her support of President Donald Trump. Her latest public spat was with actor Russell Crowe during a hotel party that the Australian performer held. She alleges that Crowe choked her and spit on her, before having her removed. The actor, meanwhile, alleges that Banks was out of control and had to be restrained. Rapper RZA – who was there when the incident occurred – has defended Crowe’s side of the story.

    The unwavering rapper shot to fame with her debut hit single, the infectious club banger “212”, before releasing her first album entitled Broke with Expensive Taste back in 2014. The LP featured several hit songs such as the abrasive bombshell “Yung Repunxel,” the sample-heavy stunner “Ice Princess,” and the electronic-driven anthem “Heavy Metal and Reflective.”