Azealia Banks Disses Jim Jones, Wants To Work With Lana Del Rey

    It’s been a busy summer for 21-year-old rapper Azealia Banks: she blew up with “212,” released her mixtape Fantasea, and now she’s all over the news for a few reasons. First, after a Twitter-aided beef with fellow Harlem rapper Jim Jones (he tweeted some nasty things about her), Banks recorded a diss track called “Succubi,” shooting barbs at Jones: “It takes a Harlem bitch/To execute a Harlem bitch.”

    In more lighthearted news, Banks responded to a fan’s question on Tumblr asking about future collaborations by gushing about Lady Gaga, Grimes and Lana Del Rey. “I’ve done a remix for Lana, but yeah I’d def love to collab with her on something original…. I think all of these girls are great. Grimes is really cool, I love her hairstyles. :)” was Banks’ response. Disses for Jim Jones, kisses for the ladies: just another day in the life of Azealia Banks. Listen to “Succubi” below. [NME]