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Axl Rose Warns Fans About Fake Guns N' Roses Shows


Al Rose has been back on TwitLonger this weekend, although his post is a lot more concise and to-the-point than his last major outburst. Rose has become infuriated by impostors trading on the Guns N’ Roses name this time, and has pointed out several fake show announcements that most definitely will not feature the genuine lineup of the group.


“There are NO new Guns N' Roses shows added to our current onsale itinerary dated as of February 25th,” writes the singer. “This means NO SHOWS in Panama, Costa Rica or Guatemala regardless of ANYONE's claims or ticket sales. These dates or ANY additional dates anywhere other than those already previously announced and on sale before February 25th will NOT BE HONORED.”


“There will be NO EXCEPTIONS until further notice here on this my personal twitter account,” he continues. “If you have purchased tickets to ANY suggested new dates being offered after February 25th please contact your place of purchase for refunds. We apologize for any inconvenience.” Which raises the question: Who exactly was planning to play these shows?


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Guns N' Roses

Who knows? It's too confusing trying to keep up with this saga. Slash has a new album that features 4/5 of the guys from Guns N' Roses. Axl's album has 7 guitarists - I think 3 of them have already quit. Seems like Axl's management and psychiatric teams are pure amateur hour operations.


I agree with mack 100%... the current state of Guns n' Roses(or should I say Axl Rose and Co.) is pretty unpredictable and has been for the last 8 years since he came back on the scene.. the problem is, people are starting to care less and less and he's starting to look worse and worse


Agreed. People trying to start a scam. But, the new incarnation is pretty good live. Maybe they'll hang on to Ashba...he brings charisma like Slash. Bumblefoot as you know replaced Buckethead, but Richard Fortus (Izzy's Clone) has been around since I know 2000...


I think all three of you are wrong. When will you understand that Axl just wants to keep the legend alive. Nobody else does. By the way, the live shows in Jan and Feb have been the best thing Guns has done since the UYI tour in '92. Its called YouTube, Check it out!


Tommy Stinson has been in the band what, 11 years now? Dizzy Reed, 20. Richard Fortus like 9 or 10. Ron Thal has been there since 05/06 I think, and Ashba replaces Finck who left to tour with NIN on the NIN:JA tour.

NIN, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, RHCP - there have been lots of bands with revolving members. Nothing new. People just like to take shots at Axl for his outbursts yet honestly - he's probably one of the last real "rock stars" other there. People need to hate him.


like the last comment !!! he truely is on of the last real rock stars


HA, He sucks donkey balls

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