Axl, Kanye, Ludacris, and the Killers all eye November 24 album releases

    Poor Brandon Flowers and the Killers. They had all that post-Olympic bounce from the Nike commercial, appeared on the election resurgent Saturday Night Live, and picked November 24 to release their new album, Day and Age. The only competition was from Ludacris’ Theater of the Mind, and let’s be honest; there’s not a lot of crossover audience there. Then, like Godzilla arising from the briny deep, Axl Rose drops sixteen years of hairspray and insanity on your big day. If that’s not enoigh, Kanye West decides to turn his attention from being a puppet long enough to join the fray. Now instead of having all those pre-Thanksgiving impulse shoppers deciding between two big ticket albums, it has become Axl-Kanye-Luda-Killer-Thon 2008. If four major acts enter and only one can be victorious, who will it be? Though my money is on the mulleted legions of G N’ R fans (of which I am one), I have a feeling who will end up with the short ends of the stick.  The Killers had better ask their families to buy a couple of copies this time around to make things look good. [Idolator]