Axl Drops Tweet Bomb, Fails To Thank Bach Or Explain Mustache

    Axl Rose has a few things on his mind; so many, in fact, that he had to go to TwitLonger and drop a 766 words addressing everything from his new management to allegations that he’s not allowing any apparel featuring Slash at concerts. After parting ways with Irving Azoff in the Chinese Democracy firestorm, Rose announced that his replacement would be industry veteran Doc McGhee, who has worked previously with Bon Jovi and Motley Crue. As for the supposed banning of clothing featuring Slash, Axl observed that “some just like 2 bitch 2 bitch.” One thing noticeably absent from the post, however, was a thank-you to Sebastian Bach, who apparently saved his life over the weekend. And while omissions are being noted, Axl should give some insight on the mustache. Did he just discover MythBusters?. [Rolling Stone]