Axe Uses Daniel Johnston To Sell Hair Products

    I think it’s fair to say that most music fans don’t have a negative reaction to hearing a favorite indie act in a commercial. Sure it’s a little disorienting, but the idea that that band probably got a paycheck large enough to support their next album is enough consolation. And it’s always nice when companies don’t go the sound-alike route. 

    That said, some pairings just don’t feel right. Especially Axe’s new campaign that features a “Cousin It” looking walking head of hair that falls in love with his (?) co-worker, a set of walking boobs. The whole thing is set to the Daniel Johnston track “True Love Will Find You In The End”. I think it’s the silliness of the characters and the severity of Daniel’s vulnerable warble that makes me think they should have at least gone with the Beck version. [BV via CoS]