Awkwafina Comes Back With “Daydreaming” Her Quest To Find A Man (Video)

    We haven’t heard from the smart-mouthed Chinese/Korean rapper Awkwafina for quite some time. But her newest music video may have just explained where she’s been all this time. Her newest visual creation for “Daydreaming” has her masquerading around looking for a man, a man whose “D” she wants to put on house arrest. You get to see the smoky-voiced Asian vixen trying to get with Kevin Bacon, New Jersey governor Chris Christie and even comedian Sinbad. She’s so hot for a man that she’s even willing to have a foursome that would include Sally Struthers and Urkel with the lucky one she gets a hold of.

    Her newest track may not be as offensive “Queef,” hilarious as “Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margaritas)” or potent as “NYC Bitche$,” but it’s good to have the witty artist back in the scene.

    Check out her newest piece of work below: