Awesome Tumblr Alert: Soulja Boy Fan Fiction

    As if you needed any more reason to click the link, but Soulja Boy Fan Fictions is a Tumblr user created by Soulja Boy enthusiast/professional genius @dreniquesodmg who explains herself at the top of the page with merely a cryptic, “SOULJA BOY’S THE BEST!”

    Anyways, you should check the Tumblr out here, because it is amazing and perfect, and you’ll be able to read such literary gems as:

    “Soulja Boy: Blorbs Pt. 2, INSIDE Story”

    “Soulja Boy: First Day Of School”

    “Soulja Boy: Fart Wizard Frenzy”

    And of course, the immortal “Soulja Boy: Hot Sauce Scandal”

    Here’s an excerpt from “Soulja Boy: Hot Sauce Scandal,” because of course you were wondering what sort of pearls of wisdom you could possibly glean from Soulja Boy Fan Fiction:

    Soulja Boy was living the GOOD LIFE – money, girls, lambos, kush and video games. Best of al.. ALLLLL the hot sauce he wanted! Dre loved hot sauce like money, sometimes maybe even more.

    So, um, yeah. We’re not kidding when we say this is the best.

    Oh yeah, Soulja Boy just dropped a new mixtape that has a few good songs and some pretty cool cover art. But it’s not NEARLY as good as this Tumblr.