AV Club Seeking Great American Rock Band

    With the country in the throes of the great Beatles revival of 2009, the intrepid staffers at The A.V. Club are seeking their American equivalent. The United States has produced prodigious talents such as Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson, but there has never really been a band as popular and revered as the Beatles. The names thrown in the conversation run from the understandable (Grateful Dead, Replacements, and The Beach Boys) and sentimental (The Jackson 5 and Sly and the Family Stone) all the way to total head-scratcher land (Beastie Boys and the Pixies). While an argument can, and is, made for each writer’s individual choice, The Beach Boys seem to be the logical choice. Though they didn’t have the amount of success that the Beatles did, they started off playing relatively simple music, morphed into something totally other and more challenging, and then imploded. My personal choice among the bands not mentioned in the article would have to be Wilco. Jeff Tweedy and company also might not have the mainstream success, but their artistic trajectory from “young men imitating roots music” to experimental rockers is right on line with the Fab Four. [A.V. Club] via [Daily Swarm]