Autechre Releasing New Album ‘Move of Ten’ in July

    It’s been a busy year for glitch fetishists Autechre. Their incredible 12-hour long DJ set that was broadcast online in March ended up sending fans scrambling to compile a definitive track listing for the event, and new album Oversteps has garnered some of their best reviews in recent times.


    But Rob Brown and Sean Booth already have a quickie follow-up planned, and have just announced the release of Move of Ten on July 12. Warp will issue the album less than six months after Oversteps, and it includes 10 new tracks by the band, which will be available on two vinyl records, a CD and download.


    The song “y7” from Move of Ten has already been released online, and a few tour dates in Australia, Japan and Europe have been set up to promote the record. For more information click this link, which includes a preview of the typically lavish Designers Republic artwork for Move of Ten.