Austra’s Maya Postepski Announces Debut With Trust

    Before Maya Postepski and Katie Stelmanis formed Austra in 2009 with Dorian Wolf, they spent time playing together in the band Galaxy. But it appears that Postepski wasn’t busy enough with her Austra duties, so she started up a separate act, Trust, with Robert Alfons. Together, they have released a few singles and toured, but they haven’t put out a proper project. Yet.

    That all changes Feb. 28 when Arts & Crafts releases Trust full-length debut, TRST. You can get an idea of what you’ll hear on the album by watching the slightly eerie/mindfucked visuals for “Bulbform” below, where you can also view the track list.

    1. Shoom
    2. Dressed For Space
    3. Bulbform
    4. The Last Dregs
    5. Candy Walls
    6. Gloryhole
    7. This Ready Flesh
    8. F.T.F.
    9. Heaven
    10. Chrissy E
    11. Sulk