Audience throws plastic bottles at Black Lips show in India

    The bad news is, on the first night of their tour of India in support of their upcoming album, 200 Million Thousand, Black Lips were pelted with a "shower of plastic bottles" thrown by the audience. The good news is, it may not have been as bad as it seemed. As a witness describes it, "The lack of boos and negative sentiment seemed to suggest that the audience were simply channeling their energy into propelling these plastic missiles."

    At a show in Mumbai a few nights later, the audience was far more subdued, and a few members even seemed to enjoy the show. "Two dudes at the front of the stage even shouted for an encore." Conquering the world, two dudes at a time.

    The tour is likely to only get better for the band, since remaining shows in India (unlike the first two, which were played in festival style settings in front of audiences totally unfamiliar with their music) will be staged in actual music venues. Pitchfork has a full report here.


    After India, the Black Lips hit up Europe before returning to the States for a near four-month long domestic tour beginning February 26. [Pitchfork]