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AT&T Uses Nick Drake To Remind You That Its Coverage Is So Super Rad (Video)



Nick Drake's surge in popularity in the late-90s was largely due to one of his tracks being used in a Volkswagen commercial, so it's no surprise one of his songs is being used to pimp AT&T's allegedly awesome coverage (I have Verizon, so I can't verify the probably not true claims here). Drake's "From the Morning" (from Pink Moon) is used in the spot, which is pretty cool, all things considered. Whoever invented that animation that looks like a sheet being pulled over buildings is so stoked right now. [Stereogum]


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Nick Drake

Nick Drake is famous only in death. He stabbed himself in the heart with a steak knife.

Tom Jones

You are thinking of Elliot Smith, Nick Drake died from a suicidal overdose of antidepressents. Probably my two favorite musicians.


i bet if people knew how depressing the lyrics on the pink moon album were they wouldnt really care about cell phone coverage. this is really frustrating to hear every 5 minutes on tv. that song is forever tainted. thanks at&t for ruining hopes and dreams and pushing superfluous technology on everyone.

jeff w

Tom Jones, I laughed when I read your post, because I knew it was not true [but, was funny], but, Nope, you are right! Elliot Smith did actually stab himself in the chest several times. Both horribly, disturbed remarkable artists.
jeff w...your sentiment seems extreme (but, it's yours, so it's cool...), but, my feeling is more of a realization of the fact that I'd rather real music lovers stumble upon such artists because their interest in different music genres lead them to SEEK folks like Drake and Smith ...not be hit over head by them commercially, and for the profit of those big enough to take a small snippet, spend a lot of money on advertising execs, and video crews. And, while I certainly consider myself a capitalist, it is just a shame to see something misrepresented, especially a song from someone in so much pain. 99.9% of the people seeing those commercials are likely clueless on those issues, and AT&T could care less, and know the stupid masses will generally be none the wiser.

David R.

While learning about Nick Drake's life makes me feel bad, I'm glad I found his music- via that stupid commercial. Turns out I already knew some of it, but never his name or much about him. The stupid masses rhetoric is easy to post immediately, and frankly, a little played, but whatever- that's neither here nor there. I'm happy I heard the song, liked it enough to google it, and listened to enough of his music to download pretty much his whole catalog and enjoy. It's really not that serious, people.

It's not that serious

I would think yous would be more upset with at&t they stole christo And jeanne claude's style


AT&T is beyond contempt, not only for shamelessly plagiarizing Christo's and Jeanne Claude's art but also for ripping off in death Nick Drake in generate corporate profits. I'm sure AT&T's senior executives sleep well every night in their waterfront mansions, while Nick Drake died mostly depressed and impoverished in his parents' home at age 26. In fact, AT&T exploited Jeanne Claude in death, too. Doesn't anyone else see how reprehensible this is? ("It's not that serious": I'm glad you found out about Nick Drake at last but, yes, this is very serious, especially for those who have loved him for years.)

I hate AT&T too

"...TO generate coporate profits." (not "in")

I hate AT&T too

I knew it was Nick Drake right away but kept telling myself, no, they don't know anything about him. I think the people who knew of him before the commercial have a sense of exploitation. Do you think his after death success may be helping his family in any way? Maybe they never had the rights or were foolish enough to sell them off. When real music connoisseurs find something old and obscure that they like they want to keep it to themselves.


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