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Atmosphere looks on the bright side on new album

After recently releasing the internet-only album Strictly Leakage, Minneapolis-based underground hip-hop duo Atmosphere will drop its next proper studio album (although, at this point, what exactly a "proper studio album" is any more is of course up to debate) April 22. An early contestant for best-named album of the year, it goes by the moniker When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold. That's the spirit! The album will come via Rhymesayers Entertainment. A limited first pressing of the album will come packaged in a 40-page hardcover book that will contain a children's story written by Atmosphere member Slug, lyrics, album credits, and a bonus CD of live material. Atmosphere is expected to undertake a North American tour on the same day the new album comes out.


Track list:

01 Like the Rest of Us
02 Puppets
03 The Skinny
04 Dreamer
05 Shoulda Known
06 You
07 Painting
08 Your Glass House
09 Yesterday
10 Guarantees
11 Me
12 Wild Wild Horses
13 Can't Break
14 The Waitress
15 In Her Music Box 

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