Atlas Sound Releases ‘Bedroom Databank Vol. 4’

    Bradford Cox just doesn’t stop. We’ve already had three volumes in his Bedroom Databank series this week, and now here comes a fourth, which is comprised of seven demo songs recorded at home and a track titled “Talent Show Audition Tape” that he claims was set to tape “in the basement of Tommy’s parents house” in April 1975.

    The latter may not strictly be true, but it comes with an amusing tale which you can read in full over on the Atlas Sound/Deerhunter/Lotus Plaza blog, or in a file that comes with the download that also contains lyrics to some of the songs. There’s also a resolutely downbeat version of Royal Trux’s “The Spectre” among the tracks. Will we get a part five tomorrow? Keep an eye on this space to find out.


    Head over to this post to download Bedroom Databank Vol. 4. 


    Track listing:


    1. Farmland Fantasy

    2. Terrarium

    3. Spectre (Royal Trux)

    4. Talent Show Audition Tape, Winnepeg 1975 +

    5. Wire Brush Stomp

    6. Ex-Prodigy (For Norbert Wiener)

    7. Moonlight On Verlaine

    8. How To Pass The Time


    Recorded at home Nov. 24 2010

    + Recorded in the basement of Tommy’s parent’s house, April 1975