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Atlantic snaps up rights to newest Apple commercial sensation

Hoping to capitalize on the type of breakthrough experienced by Feist after “1234” was featured in an ad for the iPod, Atlantic has purchased the rights to release the debut album of Yael Naim, which to this point has been available exclusively in digital form. The Israeli singer’s “New Soul” is the backing music in ads for the MacBook Air. As was the case with Feist, many viewers have looked past the product and rushed out to purchase the music. “New Soul” was number nine of the Billboard Hot 100 on number two on the Hot Digital Songs after moving 135,000 copies. This interest has prompted Atlantic Records to purchase the rights to release the album stateside. Torsten Luth, head of Atlantic Records International, said that the record will essentially be the same one released last October by French label Tot ou Tard, but that it will be marketed to capitalize on the crossover success of “New Soul.” Naim plans to accompany her record to the states, confirming a March performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, showcases at South by Southwest and in New York, and a spring tour. [Billboard]
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Yael Naim

1. The song is really good. It was good enough that I did the ol' google search to find out who it was.

2. It sounds too much like Feist, which makes me think that the chance of it blowing up the same way is super slim. (See: Kate "the-new-Lily-Allen" Nash).

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Definitely agree about the Feist soundalike qualities. However I've heard the full Yael Naim album and can confirm that it's pretty wonderful. It's not all as jaunty as "New Soul."

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