At The Drive-In Explains Why They Reformed

    Earlier today we got to see footage of At The Drive-In’s first show in over a decade and like fellow Prefixer Andrew Winistorfer said, they hit the Austin, Texas venue Red 7 like “a bunch of Mars Volta records didn’t happen.” The show was in prelude to a reunion performance at Coachella later this year. Now the LA Weekly has recently published an article on the reunion revealing some of the reasons why they got back together and how it has been so far.

    As you might remember, it was rumored way back in the day that the band members had grown apart and that this was a major driving force behind the group splitting up at the height of their success. So how did they end up getting back together?

    According the article, it started three years ago, when the band decided to meet up at Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’ house in Mexico to re-patch their friendship. Then, fast forward to last November and the members received the master recordings of their final LP, Relationship of Command which led them to start a new label called Twenty-first Chapter, in order to re-release the record. From there things took off:

    “We started talking about it, and then of course people hear we’re talking about it,” Rodriguez-Lopez says. “And then Paul Tollet at Coachella, who offers us money every year to get back together and play hears about it…then it all starts to become a reality.”

    The band goes on to state that it wasn’t about the money but grew out of just wanting to play together again. There is also a slight hint that this might be a long-term endeavor:

    “The most exciting part to me is that there’s not a firm ending to this band,” Ward says. “This isn’t the sort of thing where we’re taking advantage of the reunion status and going and doing as many festivals as we can. We’re doing this very slowly and we literally don’t know what’s going to happen.”

    [LA Weekly]