Ask K-pop Korean Rapper PSY Questions On Reddit AMA From 5-6pm

    Verified by his official twitter, the Korean K-pop sensation PSY will be answering questions for one hour on Reddit. Having broken numerous records such as being the first Asian (Korean) artist to chart in numerous ranks across the globe (including currently being #2 on Billboard’s “Hot One Hundred”), sitting at #3 on YouTube’s most watched videos ever with over 530 million, breaking the record for the most “likes” on YouTube and being splattered all over the media in the United States (including peformances on the “Today Show” and appearances on SNL and the MTV VMAs) – you can say that PSY and his “Gangnam Style” is the hottest thing right now.

    And with that little bit of info, the world is dying to ask him some questions. And you can do the same from 5 – 6pm. Click here to start asking away.