Asher Roth Has More Fun Than You On ‘Great Hangover’ Tour

    For everyone who got sick of hearing “I Love College” in frat houses and North Face stories across America, this footage from last year’s “Great Hangover” tour might drive the knife further into your back. Forget the fact that Roth is having a first world blast at packed clubs and backstage with his bros/groupies–a plethora of hot rappers like Bun B, Kid Cudi and Ludacris also show up, lending Roth more cred than his detractors would like to give him. I guess this is going to be released as a documentary in the future, so check it out if you want a reminder of why you moved out of the dorms after your first year (or why you skipped school altogether). As a treat, here’s the most earnest cover of “I Love College” you’ll ever watch. [2dopeboyz]