Asher Roth Has an Important Political Message for You (About Weed)

    Hey y’all.


    It’s your boy Asher Roth talkin’ at ya (it really isn’t). Now, y’all know I love college, and mosta y’all know that I loooove myself a fat blunt from time to time. This message is concerning the latter subject, hahaha.


    Now, I’m not the type to get all political an’ shit, but there’s thing vote thing goin’ down in California about my girl, Mary Jane. It’s called Proposition 19, or as my manager calls it the “Regulate, Control and Tax Cannibus Act of 2010.” Pretty fuckin’ tight, right? It means we can all get high, hahaha. You know, because cannibus is like weed? It’s the same thing, y’all.


    Did y’all know you can make clothes out of weed too? Shit’s called hemp clothing! Think about how we can save Africa with weed clothes! This is a billion dollar thing goin’ on!


    Anyway, ’cause, oh fuck, I need some Cheetos. Alright, sorry, as I was saying, I made some t-shirts supporing Proposition 19, and with your purchase at my online store, U.S. Bongress (snap!), you can show your support. It doesn’t matter if you’re “Demochronic” (hilarious!) or “Repufflican” (double-hilarious!).


    Let’s get this goin’.


    Disclaimer: We remind you, this was not actually written by Asher Roth. You have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?