Asher Roth And Justin Bieber’s Manager Charged With Not Sending Tweets Fast Enough (More Or Less)

    A grown man named Scooter Braun, manager to Asher Roth and teen moppet Justin Bieber, was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance in New Jersey yesterday, stemming from allegations that he caused a mall stampede. The stampede happened in November, when 3,000 of Bieber’s fans (and their moms) crowded the Roosevelt Field Mall and caused mass hysteria trying to get a look at Bieber after the appearance was announced on Twitter. Police apparently told Braun to send out a Tweet notifying fans that the event was cancelled, but apparently Braun waited two hours before doing so. So, basically, the dude might have to do a year in jail because he didn’t send out Tweets fast enough.


    Braun claims it must have been an error with Twitter, because he claims to have sent the message immediately. But police say it was at least two hours before the messages were up on the site, as in, two hours between when they needed him to Tweet, and when the Tweets were actually Tweeted. This is the world we live in, people. [Daily Swarm