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Contest: Predict the album sales of Asher Roth's <i>Asleep in the Bread Aisle</i>

Asher Roth - Asleep in the Bread AiselThis week marks the release of two of the year's biggest hip-hop releases to date. College-lover Asher Roth's Asleep in the Bread Aisle goes head to head with Rick Ross' Deeper Than Rap.


Will the coverage of Roth's "College" on MTV result in major album sales? This contest is strictly for bragging rights.


Additional Notes:
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Contest: Predict the album sales of Rick Ross' Deeper Than Rap

- Judge Rules Against Activision in <i>DJ Hero</i> Case Rick Ross Contest: Predict the album sales of Rick Ross' <i>Deeper Than Rap</i>
Album Sales
Asher Roth



the album will place number 2. the album will sell 150k

joseph hagopian

150k? yeah maybe in every state.


two mill in a week


asther roth is exactly his name assssssssssther roth white boy got no skills never had never will he's an alternative rapper he aint got one inch of hood in him hell never get respect like eminem sorry whoever likes him doesnt know the streets or real hip hop

dj kut throat

he will be lucky todo 40 to 50k


Deserves to sell 1500 copies. Will probably sell 85000. LOL at the guy who thinks ashers gonna break eminems record at 2 mill


alright asher aint tryin to be hood. hes from a suburb of philly. he isnt tryin to be all hard like you say "dj kut throat". Sorry but asher appeals to the white ears. not the black ones. sorry he doesnt please you. Im actually from where hes from and mad heads up here think hes fresh. so stop hatin. and stop comparing him to eminem. listen to "As I Em". and mad ppl hatin cuz he made it and not them so chill out.


asher roth is a clown and his music sucks beyond belief....anyone who likes or supports him is brainwasher by the record companies marketing plan..u idiots dont have minds of ur own and believe what anyone tells u 2 believe...its pathetic and why our society is the way it is


billboy u just talked about ppl listening to record companies and not thinking for themselves then criticized anyone who thinks differently than you.
good one




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