ASAP Rocky Calls XXL Freshmen “Corny As Fuck,” But Not Danny Brown, Names New Album ‘Long.Live.ASAP.’

    A lot of the talk, post-XXL Freshmen 2012 list, was that ASAP Rocky had turned them down, opting out of being on the cover with French Montana and the token white guys every year. It made sense, since Rocky’s fame is already past many of the freshmen on the list. It’s not like being placed next to Machine Gun Kelly is going to get him more respect. 

    But in a recent interview, Rocky talked about not being on the list, saying he was busy touring, and opted out of being on the list, due to schedule conflicts. But then he goes on to say that a lot of the rappers on the list are “corny as fuck.” Here’s what he said:

    “I was on the list. I was touring and stuff. It just didn’t work out. I got love for everybody,” he said. “I think a lot of the motherfuckers on the list are corny as fuck. Shout out to Danny Brown. I think a few people on there are eligible for it, and they deserve to be on that cover.”

    So, I guess we can assume that if Rocky had been on the cover, he and Danny would have been standing next to each other. I really like that Danny’s the only one he makes sure not to shit on.

    Rocky also announces his new album will be called Long.Live.ASAP. and he hopes to have it out on July 4. Watch the interview below via HipHopDX: