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ASAP Rocky Calls Homophobia In Hip-Hop "Retarded"

This story about ASAP Rocky's thoughts on homophobia in hip-hop is the perfect example of wastingly perfectly fine intentions. Throughout a recently posted rant on his views on Spinner, the Harlem rapper makes it clear that he's not down with hip-hop being so anti-gay.

Hell, dude even goes so far as to say that people who care about other people being gay should "just hang yourself like the rest of them KKK motherf---ers. For real. Who gives a f---?"

But here's where it kind of goes wrong:

"[Hate a person] because they're a thief or a bad person," he says. "Don't hate 'em for what they choose to do, because they make decisions on their own time what they choose to do. I don't care and it's like f---ed up that hip-hop is so retarded. They don't want to accept nothing."

Really, man? Retarded? And saying that being gay is a choice? Sigh. Read the full rant over at Spinner.

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