Arthur magazine needs to raise $20K by July 1 to continue publishing

    Arthur Magazine, that there credible counter culture magazine, needs to raise $20,000 by July 1  or it will become just another signal that this paper stuff sometimes just gets in the way.  The free bimonthly, drawn to all things psychedelic, already ceased publication in February of 2007, but began publication again only two months later.  In a post from Arthur owner Jay Babcock, it is explained that the problem began with that falter last year when he spent all his money and maxed out credit cards in order to save his young Arthur by purchasing it from his ex-partner Laris Kreslins.  The magazine, which has been able to throw magical festivals (2005’s Arthurfest), release albums and DVDs through its Bastet imprint, as well as impressively pair music and literary culture, has been around since 2002.  


    Donations of any amount can be made through Arthur Magazine’s website: 


    So those of you interested should hold off on buying another hit or a bag of shrooms and do what you can.  Freeing your mind isn’t free.