Art, Track List Revealed For Animal Collective’s Keep Shoe Cassette

    We have known about Animal Collective’s collaboration with shoe company Keep since last October. It was then that each member of the band revealed his own shoe design over the course of several weeks. We also already knew that the band was releasing a cassette featuring new material that you could obtain if you bought a pair of their shoes. But now we have the track list for said tape along with the cover art, which you can see to the left. All four members of the band have provided a new track each for the cassette.


    The shoes and the tape are due out March 26. Learn more about them at the Keep tumblr. View the track list below.


    01 Geologist: “Jailhouse”
    02 Avey Tare: “Call home (buy grapes)”
    03 Deakin: “Country Report”
    04 Panda Bear: “The Preakness”