Art Brut Slams Kings of Leon and the Killers

    Art Brut may have taken its name from the esoteric arena of French art criticism, but singer Eddie Argos has no patience for the abstract, or just nonsensical, lyrics of Kings of Leon and the Killers. At this weekend’s Glastonbury music festival the Art Brut frontman sarcastically sang “This sex is on fire” and “Are we human? Or are we dancer?” before asking the crowd, “What does it mean? What does it fucking mean?” The crowd cheered its approval, obviously preferring the more straightforward lyricism of Art Brut’s “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake.”


    This diss isn’t exactly cutting-edge, as the Killers backlash is well formed and the Kings of Leon are another easy target, but it does continue Art Brut’s attention to contemporary music. The band had at garage-rock revivalists in the 2005 song “Bang Bang Rock & Roll” with the lyrics “I can’t stand the sound of the Velvet Underground / I can’t stand the sound the second time around,” and the self-conscious referencing carried through to this year’s Art Brut vs. Satan. Keep fighting the good fight, Art Brut.