‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 To Air In April 2013

    There’s always money in short-lived sitcoms with a fanatic cult following. Good news for Arrested Development fans: while no exact date has been set for the series’ rebirth on Netflix, word is the fourth season will be released in its entirety SOMETIME IN EARLY APRIL. “Sometime in early April” is better than “sometime in 2013,” yes?

    As reported by /Film, the new season will consist of at least 10 episodes, and unless you’ve been tragically denied Internet access for the last few months you’re well aware those episodes are chock full of celebrity cameos and insurmountable instances of hilarity (probably).

    Excited? Is your heart getting hard? Watch the trailer for the Arrested Development Documentary Project below, and, you know, take a cold shower or something–April is still six months away.