Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Make A ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Sequel

    Action stars don’t all conform to the same aging patterns. Some, like Tom Cruise, refuse to admit that they’ve lost a step at all and continue making demanding films throughout their lives. Others, like Clint Eastwood, don’t sugarcoat the situation and manage to make thrillers that don’t tax their bodies as much. Then there are the lucky ones, like Bruce Willis, whose films were never based around physicality and who can continue to star in the same kinds of movies well past middle age. 

    None of this applies to Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

    According to Variety, Schwarzenegger has signed on to reprise the iconic role of Conan. In 1982, when the original Conan The Barbarian was released, it made sense to cast a young Austrian bodybuilder. However, this decision, both on the part of the studio and the part of the actor, seems a bit curious. 

    Producers are saying that Schwarzenegger’s age will absolutely play a role, as Conan is expected to be an older and wiser warlord. However, there have got to be some young actors lining up to play heroes in the picture as well. While later Arnold pictures, such as Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, weren’t terrible, it was clear that the action star wasn’t the young unstoppable force he once was.