Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti To Play Fallon Next Week

    Ariel Pink, who will make his network TV debut on Jimmy Fallon Feb. 19, was undoubtedly the breakout indie artist of 2010; Before Today seemed to show up on nearly every year-end list, the single “Round and Round” was Pitchfork’s favorite song of the year, and his tour with Haunted Graffiti did a lot to eradicate his reputation for putting on notoriously despondent and disinterested live performances.


    So my guess is that Pink was booked to play on national television before a New Year’s Eve show that was called “depressing” and “night killing” and a baffling performance (sans Haunted Graffiti) at the New York Rock’N’Roll Circus that amounted to Pink absently singing karaoke-esque versions of his own songs. So which Pink will show up to Fallon? The painfully introverted, wishing he was somewhere else one or the engagingly idiosyncratic one?


    Oh yeah, that picture up above? No, it’s not really funny photoshop art commenting on Pink’s newfound indie star status (if “indie star” is even a real thing), it actually showed up in ridiculous tabloid Star Magazine.