Ariel Pink Working On Two New Albums, Werewolf Movie

    Because he is a workhorse who apparently spends a shitload of time in the studio, Ariel Pink announced today that he has two new albums in the works. And as if that wasn’t enough, he is also collaborating with writer/director Dave Gebroe on a werewolf movie set in the 1960s that’s tentatively titled Bad Vibes. Of course.

    As for the albums, one of them is with his band, Haunted Graffiti, and it carries the unconfirmed title of A Death In Hollywood. Pink told V Magazine that the band is yet to hear the album, which he said is based on a childhood movie similar to Ghost that he made with his cousins.

    The other album, which has an awful title in Ku Klux Glam, is a collaboration with like-minded lo-fi artist R. Stevie Moore. An unfinished version of the project has apparently been up for listening on Soundcloud for the past four months. It’s not clear when it will be officially released. [P4K]