Ariel Pink and friends launch new record label

    Join us in welcoming Human Ear Music to the world. This new LA-based label will serve as an outlet for the Los Angeles independent scene, and will feature releases from Ariel Pink, Bubonic Plague, Jason Creep and Black Powder among others. Don’t try and find these releases in stores though. The label will focus on limited run releases with hand-crafted cover art and will conduct most of its business through mail order.
    Intrigued? Well then you might consider checking out the showcase that the label will be putting on at Little Pedro’s in Los Angeles this coming Sunday (September 17) at 9pm. Here’s the lineup:
    Black Powder
    Jason Creep
    Vibe Central
    Bubonic Plague
    Ariel Pink
    The label has made a shit-load of their material available online to sample. You can check everything they have to offer here.