Ariel Pink Allegedly Records With The Avalanches

    The posters over at the official Avalanches forum have to be the most patient gang on the internet, ever. It’s nearly been a decade since the release of Since I Left You, and information regarding the Australian sample team’s sophomore album has been few and far between. Yet, the message board seems to be thriving, waiting for any information about their heroes’ progress.


    Leave it to a forum administrator to have everyone salivating like a pack of Pavlovian dogs. Yesterday, an administrator with the username “” posted that lo-fi figurehead Ariel Pink would be recording vocals for the new Avalanches album, and that afterwards, the album would be complete. Still no release date for this one, and sure, this information borders on hearsay, but it’s honestly the most concrete information to come out about the group in some time. [Pitchfork]